Screencaps de la serie Angel, todos los episodios por temporadas. Para bajar a tu ordenador y utilizarlas para lo que necesites. También puedes acceder en el menú a pie de cada episodio.

Primera Temporada

1X01 City Of...

1X02 Lonely Hearts

1X03 In The Dark

1X04 I Fall to Pieces

1X05 Room With A View

1X06 Sense and Sensitivity

1X07 The Bachelor Party

1X08 I Will Remember You

1X09 Hero

1X10 Parting Gifts

1X11 Somnambulist

1X12 Expecting

1X13 She

1X14 I’ve Got You Under My Skin

1X15 The Prodigal

1X16 The Ring

1X17 Eternity

1X18 Five By Five

1X19 Sanctuary

1X20 War Zone

1X21 Blind Date

1X22 To Shanshu in L.A.

Segunda Temporada


2X01 Judgment

2X02 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

2X03 First Impressions

2X04 Untouched

2X05 Dear Boy

2X06 Guise Will Be Guise

2X07 Darla

2X08 The Shroud of Rahmon

2X09 The Trial

2X10 Reunion

2X11 Redefinition

2X12 Blood Money

2X13 Happy Anniversary

2X14 The Thin Dead Line

2X15 Reprise

2X16 Epiphany

2X17 Disharmony

2X18 Dead End

2X19 Belonging

2X20 Over the Rainbow

2X21 Through the Looking Glass

2X22 There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

Tercera Temporada


3X01 Heartthrob

3X02 That Vision Thing

3X03 That Old Gang Of Mine

3X04 Carpe Noctem

3X05 Fredless

3X06 Billy

3X07 OffSpring

3X08 Quickening

3X09 Lullaby

3X10 Dad

3X11 Birthday

3X12 Provider

3X13 Waiting in the Wings

3X14 Couplet

3X15 Loyalty

3X16 Sleep Tight

3X17 Forgiving

3X18 Double Or Nothing

3X19 The Price

3X20 A New World

3X21 Benediction

3X22 Tomorrow


Cuarta Temporada


4X01 Deep Down

4X02 Ground State

4X03 The House Always Wins

4X04 Slouching Toward Bethlehem

4X05 Supersymmetry

4X06 Spin The Bottle

4X07 Apocalypse, Nowish

4X08 Habeas Corpses

4X09 Long Day’s Journey

4X10 Awakening

4X11 Soulless

4X12 Calvary

4X13 Salvage

4X14 Release

4X15 Orpheus

4X16 Players

4X17 Inside Out

4X18 Shiny Happy People

4X19 Magic Bullet

4X20 Sacrifice

4X21 Peace Out

4X22 Home

Quinta Temporada


5X01 Conviction

5X02 Just Rewards

5X03 Unleashed

5X04 Hell Bound

5X05 Life of the Party

5X06 The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

5X07 Lineage

5X08 Destiny

5X09 Harm's Way

5X10 Soul Purpose

5X11 Damage

5X12 You're Welcome

5X13 Why We Fight

5X14 Smile Time

5X15 A Hole in the World

5X16 Shells

5X17 Underneath

5X18 Origin

5X19 Time Bomb

5X20 The Girl in Question

5X21 Power Play

5X22 Not Fade Away



(nota: algunos flashbacks corresponden a la serie BTVS)

1609 Colonia de Virginia

1753 Galway

1753 Galway casa Liam

1753 Galway cementerio

1753 Galway Liam Darla

17** Darla y Angelus

1760 Londres catacumbas

1764 York England

1765 Francia granero

1767 Marsella

1771 Roma

1786 Angelus y Penn

1860 Londres Drusilla

1860 Drusilla

1880 Londres Casa William

1880 Londres William Cecily

1880 Londres conversion Spike

1880 Casa de William Drusilla

1880 Royal hotel Londres

1880 Londres Anne

1880 Carruaje

1880 Royal hotel Angel Dru

1880 Yorkshire

1894 Roma Inmortal

1898 Borsa Rumania

1898 Rumania Campamento

1900 China Angel regresa

1900 China boxers

1900 Spike slayer

1900 China Angel marcha

1902 Ellis Island


Spangel Scenes

5X04 HellBound sofa

5X11Damage final

5X13 Why We Fight windows

5X15 A Hole in the World the hands

5X20 The Girl in Question la strada

5X20 The Girl in Question vespa